Dr. Bronner’s Spearmint Toothpaste: Smile Wide and Bright

Say hello to the newest Dr. Bronner's All-One Toothpaste flavour: SPEARMINT! The new Dr. Bronner’s Spearmint All-One Toothpaste is made with organic spearmint oil and organic menthol crystals, and delivers a mellow-minty-fresh-clean feeling.

Hydrated silica and calcium carbonate act as gentle abrasives, organic aloe juice helps soothe gums; and organic spearmint oil and organic menthol crystals provide a refreshing, mint flavour.

Oral hygiene is extremely important to one’s overall health and wellness. Several studies have proven that neglecting oral hygiene and consequently developing oral diseases increases the chances of getting unpleasant health conditions that will affect the whole body.  Your mouth is one of the main entrances to the internal parts of our bodies.

While most conventional toothpastes contain parabens, detergents, preservatives and foaming agents, organic choices such as Dr. Bronner’s All-One Toothpaste use natural ingredients to clean teeth Like all our toothpastes, the new Spearmint flavour is made with 70% organic ingredients, including fair trade and organic coconut oil and organic coconut flour which aid as a natural polisher.

Spearmint is important in oral care, mint has historically been used instead of toothpaste to brush and heal infected gums. The minerals and vitamins in mint work together to fortify the teeth and polish the gums, along with masking bad flavours.

Additional benefits to our Spearmint All-One Toothpaste are below

  • Great For Mouth Hygiene

Mint has germicidal properties, which explains why it is the most famous and used ingredient for mouth hygiene products, toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental floss. Killing harmful germs in our mouths prevents the formation of cavities and gum infections, it keeps the tongue clean and mint has the power to also freshen our breath.

  • Spearmint is a natural antibacterial

Keeping your teeth clean is important to maintaining good oral health. For this reason, our spearmint toothpaste can help to reduce oral bacteria, will help you reduce cavities and address other oral health conditions.

  • It’s great for children

When toddlers start learning to brush their teeth, they inevitably swallow the toothpaste. This is a real problem when ordinary toothpaste is used since artificial chemicals are absorbed.  Natural and organic toothpaste is fluoride-free, with no artificial chemicals, no triclosan and no sodium laureth sulfate. It therefore poses no risk to the health of children if swallowed and represents a safe alternative to ordinary toothpaste.

Our new Spearmint All-One Toothpaste is certified vegan, cruelty-free, fluoride-free and contains no synthetic foaming detergents such as sodium lauryl sulphate, or synthetic flavours but it uses organic menthol crystals to freshen breath naturally. As all of our products, the Spearmint All-in-One Toothpaste is packaged in recyclable boxes and tubes.

The newest addition to Dr. Bronner’s product family, Spearmint All-One Toothpaste is available along with favourite flavours: Peppermint, Cinnamon, and Anise.: Our toothpastes are packaged in 100% recyclable boxes made with a minimum of 35% post-consumer recycled fiber. Dr. Bronner’s Spearmint All-One Toothpaste is available in all health and natural stores across Ireland such as Nourish, Evergreen, Down to Earth to name a few!