Fall in Love with your Lips!

Summer season means drinking lemonade, iced tea and other acidic beverages which can dry out your lips over time. Keeping a lip balm handy will help you prevent chapped lips before your skin has the chance to dry up. Properly hydrated and nourished skin heals faster.

Summer leaves the lips feeling chapped and sore. To ease the pain of raw lips and protect the most delicate skin from harmful elements, try our Organic Lip Balms!

Helping to protect your lips against elements such as dust, dry weather and wind, our Organic Lip Balm contains nourishing and organic beeswax. The balms contain no synthetic ingredients and is not derived from petroleum. Instead, the nurturing formula is packed with certified organic avocado, jojoba and hemp oils for extra nourishment and moisturization.

Our organic lip balm contains antioxidants to soften, smooth and repair your lips without leaving any greasy residue and absorbs quickly into your lips. It is also suitable for application on dry hands and feet, chapped chins and cheeks!

Sold in five delicate scents, there is an organic lip balm for everyone’s taste!

Scents include:

  • Lemon-Lime
  • Orange-Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Baby Mild
  • Cherry Blossom